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Kristina Janson, DPM:
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Meet Dr. Janson, DPM

Dr. Kristina Janson offers specialized podiatry services in Manhattan. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive foot and ankle care for people of all ages. With a focus on preventive medicine and holistic well-being, we aim to keep you walking comfortably and confidently.

Dr. Kristina Janson has been in private practice for over 30 years. A graduate from the Philadelphia School of Podiatry, Dr. Janson is a specialist in creating truly handmade orthotics. She has her own lab on premises and makes adjustments in the treatment room (no waiting sending them out to a lab).

Handmade Orthotics

Handmade Orthotics

Unlike other podiatrists, we specialize in creating custom-fit orthotics by hand.

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