These days, it seems there’s always a new gadget, app, or high-tech tool for resolving every problem. However, in the field of podiatry and elsewhere, sometimes it is the traditional methods that deliver the most profound results, outcomes that more impersonal options simply can’t match. This is especially true when it comes to the creation of custom orthotics, which many DPMs swear by for the management, prevention, or treatment of numerous ailments and conditions.

Many in the foot and ankle field have chosen to use the simpler, more streamlined processes offered by 3D printing labs, which use sophisticated remote imaging technology to produce their products. However, Dr. Kristina Janson has recently been making waves in Manhattan for crafting her custom orthotics by hand, right in her own lab!

What’s the Hand-Crafted Advantage?

For many practitioners, the painstaking Plaster of Paris Positive Cast method employed by Dr. Janson simply takes up too much time.

And while it is true that the process is labor intensive, the benefits of sculpting a model of the patients’ foot from Plaster of Paris are numerous:

  • It’s more accurate, and accuracy matters. Each foot, like each fingerprint, is unique. Hand-crafting a model of the foot allows Dr. Janson to reveal intricate nuances in foot structure and functionality that imaging technology frequently overlooks.
  • In-depth consultations with patients allow for fine tuning and tweaking at a custom level that 3D printing labs won’t have the patience for, meaning the fit is perfect the first time, not the second or the third.
  • Increased accuracy makes the hand-crafted method the best choice for foot deformities, which often require very intricate, small grain details and a higher degree of accuracy overall.
  • Hand carving a Plaster of Paris replica of the patient’s foot, not as it is, but how it should be, allows for dramatic improvement with a device that is also very comfortable.

Walk Healthy is a clinic that prioritizes catered, custom treatments for those in need, with some patients flying across the country in search of Dr. Janson’s custom-made orthotics. Think you might need a pair of custom inserts to soothe your aches and pains? Get in touch with us! We’d be delighted to help out with any podiatric problems you might have.